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Tempurpedic reviews: The name of your good sleep

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Sleep is a vital need. It is almost as important to sleep, as to breathe or eat. It is impossible to do without it because it not only allows you to rest and recharge your batteries, but also to activate our cleaning and regeneration functions that are put in place during the night. Yet sleep is fragile and can easily be disrupted by an unfavorable environment, such as stress, a mental over-activity, but also and especially by bad bedding. A good night usually follows a beautiful day.

The Tempurpedic mattress is still the benchmark for memory foam mattresses. There may be those who disapprove that it is the best but its mattress remains the bestseller. However, things get complicated. Until recently, there was only one mattress one could buy from Tempurpedic available in the usual sizes but now the company has launched several models. Here is a short tempurpedic bed reviews of what is on offer.

All memory foam mattresses consist of laminated foam profiles. Usually, there is the basic polyurethane foam block (memory no) and at the top of this is glued a layer of viscoelastic foam (memory). Many manufacturers have inserted a layer of convoluted high density foam (air flow layer – non memory), between the base layers and the top, to help dissipate body heat.

The basic foam used in all Tempurpedic mattresses is the same, and it is firm. With the newer softer mattresses, there is more memory of foam on the top. If you prefer mid-firm then the deluxe bed is worth watching. It is one of the best sellers in the business and offers a softer feel than the Classic bed. The Rhapsody Bed is another option. It’s about the same as the deluxe bed, but it comes with a higher density of tempur Mousse called HD.

The Celebrity Bed is for those who love plush mattress bed and an ultra-plush pillow top design. It also comes with frilly extras like a lid made of “luxury” cashmere. The CelebrityBed is quite a hike in the price of the other models mentioned so far, but if you want to spend even more, you can take a look at the GrandBed. This mattress also uses Tempur HD foam and comes with a very fluffy, silk-blend blanket.

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